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  • The twin sisters who´ve spent £60,000 on cosmetic to always look the same . . .

Like many identical twins, Jo and Kerry Burton have always done everything in tandem - from coming down with chickenpox to donning tutus for ballet lessons.

So when Jo decided to have cosmetic surgery on her nose, Kerry naturally followed suit.

The sisters have since spent £60,000 on a host of operations - all carried out at the same time by the same doctors - to ensure they cannot be told apart.

Seeing double: Jo (left) and Kerry Burton show off their 13 years of surgery and treatments

They even had to have their initials written on their bellies so the surgeon knew who was who.

Now 34, they have had a breast enlargement, eye-lift, permanent make-up tattoos and Botox jabs.

'It might sound barmy to some to have cosmetic surgery just because your twin is having it,' said Kerry, a single mother to son Drew, 15 months.

'But we would hate to look different, so we had to have the cosmetic surgery together. We both had chickenpox together as children and we had the same hobbies, such as Brownies and dancing - and so our identical cosmetic surgery has followed on from that.'

The twins had the first operation to put a curve in their noses when they were 21. The idea came from a photographer who was working with the sisters on a modelling job.

Two of a kind: Jo and Kerry at three (left) and four (right)

At 26, the twins, who own a beauty salon in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, began having regular Botox injections to iron out the first hint of wrinkles.

In 2004 - not long after Jo had daughter Jade, now seven - they paid £4,500 each for breast implants, taking them from a 34B to a 34DD.

Kerry said: 'We went in on the same day and once again the surgeon performed identical surgery, writing our initials in pen on our tummies so that once under the anaesthetic, he didn't muddle us up.'

Both already had eyeliner tattoos but in January they went that bit further, spending £3,000 each on an eye-lift.

And Jo said they haven't ruled out further surgery in the future.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Woman changed her name to

A woman from Manchester has become the first person to change her name by Deed Poll to a web domain, according to the Legal Deed Service.

Twenty-four-year-old Claire Forshaw changed her name to earlier this week. She had previously been put off changing her name by her boyfriend, 23-year-old Robert Morris, who had tried to dissuade her by claiming it would cost hundreds of pounds.

“I knew that if ever I got the chance I would change [my name] to a web domain, to hopefully become the first. My boyfriend has always told me it cost hundreds of pounds to do, so I just forgot about it,” she told press, adding:

“When I realised it actually cost as little as £10 my boyfriend said that was ideal for me because I am mad on rainbows!”

The Legal Deed Service says it “firmly believes” the former Ms Forshaw is the first person to change her name to a web domain., who currently works as a care assistant, plans to use her namesake web domain (which her boyfriend bought for her this week) to set up an online business selling artwork.

She’s not the first of the Legal Deed Service’s satisfied customers to hit the headlines. Last November teenager George Garrat made the Guinness Book of Records when he changed his name to Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine Hulk And The Flash Combined, making him the holder of the world’s longest name.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chris Brown Apologizes for his actions...

"Since February my attorney has advised me not to speak out even though ever since the incident I wanted to publicly express my deepest regret and accept full responsibility," Brown says in a new video message posted to his official Web site. "I felt it was time [that] you hear directly from me that I am sorry."

"I cannot go into what happened, and most importantly am not going to sit here and make any excuses," Brown, 20, says in the message. "I take great pride in me being able to exercise self control, and what I did was inexcusable. I am very saddened and very ashamed of what I have done. My mother and my spiritual teachers have taught me way better than that."
"I have told Rihanna countless times, and I am telling you today, that I am truly sorry and that I wasn't able to handle the situation both differently and better," Brown continues.

In his two-minute message, the singer tells fans he has been doing some soul searching – and having conversations with his mother and preacher. "I have let a lot of people down, and I realize that," he says. "Nobody is more disappointed in me than I am." "As many of you know, I grew up in a home where there was domestic violence and I saw firsthand what uncontrolled rage can do," he says. "What I did was unacceptable 100 percent. I can only ask and pray that you forgive me – please."

In conclusion, he says, "I hope that others learn from my mistake. I intend to live my life so that I am truly worthy of the term 'role model.' "

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After the incident a dog was knocked down by a car and died on the middle of the road. Later, another dog is seen beside the corpse of the dog, he tried to wake his friend up using his leg.
When his attempts to wake his friend failed, he tried to push his friend to the side of the road. But the weight of his friend was proven too heavy for him.Though the traffic is busy and dangerous, he just will not go away from his friend. Just stand beside his friend howling and crying.
A lot of people saw this incident and feel very touched. How even a dog can show his loyalty and love to his friend.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yes, celebrities use make-up !

Wow! As you can see on these pictures, celebrities really do not look the same without make up! Well, they get other huge advantages over "regular" people: Professional hairdressers when needed, and of course the pictures are often photoshoped... Not fair.

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Oh, This is an S.O.S.
Don't wanna second guess,
This is the bottom line
It's true
I gave my all for you,
now my heart's in two
And I can't find the other half
It's like I'm walking on broken glass,
better believe I bled

It's a call I'll never get...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sharbat Gula

Her eyes have captivated the world since she appeared on our cover in 1985.
Now we can tell her story.

...sparkling green eyes...

She is known as the cover girl for National Geographic, because Steve McCurry was fortunate enough to take her photog
raph. Her photo is the most popular that the magazine has published.

Names have power, so let us speak of hers. Her name is Sharbat Gula, and she is Pashtun, that most warlike of Afghan tribes. It is said of the Pashtun that they are only at peace when they are at war, and her eyes—then and now—burn with ferocity. She is 28, perhaps 29, or even 30. No one, not even she, knows for sure. Stories shift like sand in a place where no records exist. Time and hardship have erased her youth. Her skin looks like leather. The geometry of her jaw has softened. The eyes still glare; that has not softened.

“She’s had a hard life,” said McCurry. “So many here share her story.” Consider the numbers. Twenty-three years of war, 1.5 million killed, 3.5 million refugees: This is the story of Afghanistan in the past quarter century.

Now, consider this photograph of a young girl with sea green eyes. Her eyes challenge ours. Most of all, they disturb. We cannot turn away.

“There is not one family that has not eaten the bitterness of war,” a young Afghan merchant said in the 1985 National Geographic story that appeared with Sharbat’s photograph on the cover. She was a child when her country was caught in the jaws of the Soviet invasion. A carpet of destruction smothered countless villages like hers. She was perhaps six when Soviet bombing killed her parents. By day the sky bled terror. At night the dead were buried. And always, the sound of planes, stabbing her with dread.

“We left Afghanistan because of the fighting,” said her brother, Kashar Khan, filling in the narrative of her life. He is a straight line of a man with a raptor face and piercing eyes. “The Russians were everywhere. They were killing people. We had no choice.”

Shepherded by their grandmother, he and his four sisters walked to Pakistan. For a week they moved through mountains covered in snow, begging for blankets to keep warm.

“You never knew when the planes would come,” he recalled. “We hid in caves.”

The journey that began with the loss of their parents and a trek across mountains by foot ended in a refugee camp tent living with strangers.

“Rural people like Sharbat find it difficult to live in the cramped surroundings of a refugee camp,” explained Rahimullah Yusufzai, a respected Pakistani journalist who acted as interpreter for McCurry and the television crew. “There is no privacy. You live at the mercy of other people.” More than that, you live at the mercy of the politics of other countries. “The Russian invasion destroyed our lives,” her brother said.

It is the ongoing tragedy of Afghanistan. Invasion. Resistance. Invasion. Will it ever end? “Each change of government brings hope,” said Yusufzai. “Each time, the Afghan people have found themselves betrayed by their leaders and by outsiders professing to be their friends and saviors.”

In the mid-1990s, during a lull in the fighting, Sharbat Gula went home to her village in the foothills of mountains veiled by snow. To live in this earthen-colored village at the end of a thread of path means to scratch out an existence, nothing more. There are terraces planted with corn, wheat, and rice, some walnut trees, a stream that spills down the mountain (except in times of drought), but no school, clinic, roads or running water.


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Summer is usually the time for minimalistic beauty!

  • Smudgy grey bedroom eyes are ideal for an easy evening look. To perfect this doe-eyed style, ditch your faithful black liner in favour of soft grey shadow for sultry sophistication. Keep the focus on your eyes with a nude pout and barely there blush.
  • We love bold lips for the summer months. Try to avoid classic red and dress lips in desert tones. From sandy colours to coral hues, this warm shade suits a variety of skin tones and works well with a rosy glow or on olive skin. Wear with matte skin and minimal makeup for a relaxed look.
  • Your lips are not the only feature getting the technicolour treatment this season. Bright eyes are another way of incorporating the rainbow trend into your everyday style. We recommend steering clear of the theatrical shades seen on the Spring Summer catwalks and instead opt for more subdued shadow. We love light bronze for an understated take on the trend, or layer your lids with gold for full-on glamour.
  • If you find beauty maintenance a little tedious when pregnant, you will be relieved to hear that big brows are big news. Bin your tweezers and let eyebrows grow for a more natural beauty look. We love clear brow gel for polished everyday style or why not add drama and shape with an eyebrow pencil?

We hope you feel fabulous!

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The world becomes

Have a crazy PiNk week... :)

I decided to go to Google Images and type in "Pink Weird Stuff." Let's see what came up!

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Mando Diao - Dance With Somebody

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. . . . DANCE WITH US . . . .

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