Friday, May 29, 2009


Well, there are many things which I really
here are some of them .....

I hate school
I hate all assignments or exams happening on the same day
I hate the smell of people who use too much deo or perfume
I hate stress
I hate it when the dictionary doesn't have the word I'm looking for
I hate running out of money
I hate rumors that are too personal
I hate heavy metal music
I hate bullies
I hate realizing I'm bad at something
I hate being forced to do something
I hate being mistaken for someone else
I hate not knowing something I should know
I hate chocolate with fruit
I hate printer with no colour
I hate waking up early
I hate sleeping early

I hate having so much I hate
I hate standing in the rain alone
I hate feeling different
I hate how sometimes no one agrees with me
I hate cold tea
I hate some teachers

I love.... <3

I love art
I love staring out the window of the train
I love it when the bell rings at the end of a lesson
I love it when I see I completed work
I love rain during summer
I love sunsets and sunrises
I love watching someone say something stupid
I love winning something
I love having a calculator during maths
I love water colours and pink
I love rainbows with the red inside
I love photography
I love celebrating other people's birthday
I love chocolate
I love easter eggs
I love peace and quiet
I love videos on youtube
I love getting comments
I love how the radio makes me laugh, smile & cry
I love seeing teachers tell off the wrong person and then get in trouble
I love knowing I have friends
I love how I don't know who reads this
I love how I get compliments for anything
I love seeing the number of bloggers go up
I love getting rewarded
I love how I love things
I love seeing groups of people happy.
I love being alone

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