Monday, June 22, 2009

What´s the right sun protection for you ?

Whether you´re a sun-lover or a shade-seeker, protecting your skin in the sunshine can be a complicated business...

Research from Boots has revealed that only two out of five (41%) of us start thinking about wearing sun protection during April and May, despite the high temperatures we're increasingly experiencing during these months. Furthermore, nearly one in ten (8%)never wear sun protection...

Finding the right
Sun Protection Factor

1. If you are very fair with freckles, have blonde, red or light-brown hair and light eyes, you are most susceptible to burning, so don't go lower than an SPF25.

2. Darker skin that tans more easily should still use an SPF15 to 30 to minimise damage.

3. Asian and black skin has more natural protection, but, according to Clinique's Director of Biological Research and Development Tom Mammone, these skin types still need protection from UVA to protect against skin cancer, ageing and uneven pigmentation.

Children and suncare

This is particularly significant when it comes to children, who tend to spend more time outside than adults (though mothers of computer-addicted teens might disagree). Moreoever, some experts believe that just one episode of blistering sunburn before the age of 20 can double the risk of skin cancer. As children's skin is more vulnerable to sun damage they should always be protected with at least an SPF25.

Teach them to look after themselves with this tip - if your shadow is longer than your height, you're safe from burning. If it's shorter than your height, you are at risk of burning and should cover up or go inside.

The golden rule of sun protection is to apply your product liberally. If you don't, the level of SPF protection can be reduced quite significantly. On average you should get through a 200ml size bottle per person per week on holiday, using it each day.

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