Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer is usually the time for minimalistic beauty!

  • Smudgy grey bedroom eyes are ideal for an easy evening look. To perfect this doe-eyed style, ditch your faithful black liner in favour of soft grey shadow for sultry sophistication. Keep the focus on your eyes with a nude pout and barely there blush.
  • We love bold lips for the summer months. Try to avoid classic red and dress lips in desert tones. From sandy colours to coral hues, this warm shade suits a variety of skin tones and works well with a rosy glow or on olive skin. Wear with matte skin and minimal makeup for a relaxed look.
  • Your lips are not the only feature getting the technicolour treatment this season. Bright eyes are another way of incorporating the rainbow trend into your everyday style. We recommend steering clear of the theatrical shades seen on the Spring Summer catwalks and instead opt for more subdued shadow. We love light bronze for an understated take on the trend, or layer your lids with gold for full-on glamour.
  • If you find beauty maintenance a little tedious when pregnant, you will be relieved to hear that big brows are big news. Bin your tweezers and let eyebrows grow for a more natural beauty look. We love clear brow gel for polished everyday style or why not add drama and shape with an eyebrow pencil?

We hope you feel fabulous!

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