Friday, October 9, 2009


As told by designer Stacey McBride-Irby, the story revolves around Grace™, who was friends with Barbie® in Malibu before moving away to Chicago, where she met Trichelle™ and Kara™, her new BFFs. There, they began to mentor young girls in their community - Courtney®, Janessa™, and Kianna®.
"I want them to be examples to real girls," says McBride-Irby, "but I wanted to make sure they had an aspirational theme also, that moms will hone in on." Each pair comes with accessories that reflect their interests - math and music, drill team and science, art and journalism.
  • New skin tones: "What we see on the outside world, I wanted to put into these dolls," McBride-Irby says, and the So In Style™ line fulfills her intentions with a variety of natural skin tones.
  • New hair: Grace™, Trichelle™ and Kara™ each feature Aqua Curl hair, which lets girls (or de-boxing collectors!) straighten or curl the dolls' hair with a mist of water.
  • New body sculpts: The waistlines of "little sisters" Courtney®, Janessa™, and Kianna® are longer than similar Kelly® dolls, so they can more naturally hold hands with "big sisters" Grace™, Trichelle™ and Kara™.

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